All You Need to Know About Facelift Surgery


Everything and anything is possible in this world of technology, especially with skincare. You can get fuller lips or contoured cheeks just with minor surgeries. Similarly, people are drooling over the concept of facelift surgeries due to which they are becoming popular day by day.

Are you tired of your loose hanging skin? Well, you can consider giving a shot to facelift surgery, you never know what works for you. So, here’s all you need to know about facelift surgery.

What is Facelift?

Many people are born with loose skin, or some also have excessive skin on the lower part of the face. You can refer it as a double chin that doesn’t look pleasing to many people. Facelift surgery Sydney is all about getting rid of exorbitant skin while anting up a new shape for your face.

Besides, it can lend a favor in reducing the signs of aging on your skin. The ever-lasting wrinkles, eye bags, puffy cheeks, can be treated with this surgical procedure. So, before you draw up any decision, take a dig at the process. After all, there’s no point in enduring so much pain for looking pretty.

The Procedure of Facelift Surgery

Unsurprisingly, before making up your mind for anything, you have to pull off research because prior knowledge is super important. Don’t you think you should know what’s the procedure like and what would happen with your face?

So, let’s begin, the procedure would take anywhere between 2 to 5 hours, depending on your skin needs. Bear in mind, and it’s a surgical procedure; therefore, a painful one! Usually, most of the surgeons inject local anesthesia to shut doors for any pain.

They would begin by drawing lines on the part of the skin which has to be extracted, after which they would put a small cut to rip out the excessive skin. Don’t worry, these are minor cuts and would be closed with sutures. As far as the blood loss is concerned, the surgeon would apply bandages, which you can take down after a couple of days.

Things to Consider Before Opting for Facelift Surgery

Knowing the procedure is not enough to go ahead with facelift surgery, there are some things you need to consider before giving it a heads up.

  1. Determine your medical history if you’re subject to some serious medical illnesses, for instance – thyroid, leukemia, etc. This surgery is not for you. You have to be fit and fine to undergo this procedure.
  2. Similarly, if you’re an active smoker, it can make the healing process unprogressive. So, before anything else, you have to cut back on the habit of smoking.
  3. If you’re dependent on pain killers, then you have to shut doors for these. The facelift is a surgical procedure, and painkillers work like blood thinners.

Pros and Cons of Facelift Surgery

Indeed, you can’t call the shots until you’re cognizant about both sides of the story. So, let’ hop into the benefits and complications of this procedure.

Benefits of Facelift Surgery

Who doesn’t likes having a younger-looking, aesthetically pleasing skin? Everyone has the right to feel and look beautiful, and facelift surgery can be your way out. Here’s what it holds for you.

  • It Tightens Loose Skin: You don’t have to reach to your 40s to face this problem, some teenagers even experience flabby and hanging skin. Instead of shying away from the world, you can flaunt your skin by pulling off facelift surgery. The entire procedure is all about wiping out superfluous skin, leaving you with compact and firm skin.
  • Carts off hanging cheeks: Don’t you see how cute babies look with drooping cheeks? Things take a turn when these babies grow up as adults. Hanging cheeks no longer look cute, rather awful. So, if you have such cheeks, facelift surgery can help you get rid of them quickly.
  • Flaunt your jawline: Looking at celebrities with fantastic jawline can make you crave for having one too. However, your double chin can become a barrier in between, but you can always say goodbye to it by opting for facelift surgery. It can hand down a sharp outline.
  • Quick healing process: You must be wondering about the healing process? Well, the practitioner would give some pain relievers to eliminate pain. Besides, you can remove the bandages after two weeks, leaving you with a flawless-looking face.

Complications of Facelift Surgery

Every good thing comes with some flaws and drawbacks. Here are some complications associated with facelift surgery

  • Scarring & Bruises: No matter what, sutures always leave scars. They only way to get rid of these scars is another surgery. So, be ready for potential scars since sutures are a must after facelift surgery. Besides, if your skin is super sensitive, it can leave bruises too.
  • Uneven Face Structure: Until and unless you’re getting facelift done for your entire lower face, it can result in an uneven facial structure. If you’re targeting a particular side, then it can turn out to be different from the rest of the face. Thus, be extra attentive.
  • Consistent Swelling: You might witness swelling, even many days after your surgery. Sometimes, the skin is unable to accept the changes which don’t let it heal properly. Besides, if you’re suffering from fever, then you are under attack by an infection.
  • The Facelift doesn’t Last Forever: You might have this perception that your face would look flawless forever after getting a facelift done, but this not true. After some years, all the superfluous skin comes back like before.
  • Costs a Fortune: Facelift surgery can cost you an arm since it’s super expensive. Performing a facelift surgery is only experts’ cup of tea due to which they charge heaps of money.


Facelift surgery can turn out to be a savior for all those people wanting to get rid of bulky skin. It’s an amazing procedure that has gained popularity due to its successful results. However, you have to get the hang of the entire thing before locking down your decision.  Feel free to take a look at the procedure mentioned above, benefits, and complications associated with this procedure.