Colic Drops: Are They Safe for Newborns?

Colic is a very normal health condition that affects as much as 20 percent of babies. It causes the baby to cry for hours without any specific reason, and usually, they cry around the same time every day. Babies with colic have a very different crying pattern. Also, their cry sounds more like screaming.

The condition usually starts at 3 to 4 weeks and subsides around 3 to 4 months. While colic does not last for very long, caregivers might feel it is for an endless amount of time. Even the doctors are not exactly sure what causes colic. However, most pediatricians believe it is because of excess gas in the tummy.

This is probably the reason why most caregivers turn to meds that can soothe stomach pain for babies. Unfortunately, there is no one particular medication that can help treat colic symptoms, but the two most commonly used drops are – gripe water and gas drops. As a new parent, you might wonder if these drops are safe for your newborn or not. well, before we understand that, let’s understand what exactly these drops are…

Gripe Water

Gripe water is a solution made using herbs like dill seed oil. It has been around for years and caregivers are using it to soothe stomach pain in babies.

It is widely used as a colic relief med too. Different brands use different ingredients to make gripe water. Some even include alcohol and sugar. To ensure the gripe water you use is all-natural, it is advised to trust only reputed brands like Dr. Chase Pediatrics. Their Kolik Gripe Water is available in alcohol-free formulas and provides quick relief from colic symptoms, cramps, gas issues, upset stomach, uncomfortable hiccups, etc.

As far as any side effects are concerned, it is good to keep in mind that some gripe water contains sodium bicarbonate as well. Now, it helps in relieving colic symptoms by regularizing stomach acids, but if taken very frequently, can cause alkalosis. Nevertheless, this is only if you use it in excess quantities. Using gripe water according to package directions is safe for babies.

Gas drops

As the name suggests, gas drops are specifically administered when babies have a gassy and painful tummy. The active ingredients in gas drops break down gas bubbles into smaller ones, and thus baby can pass it comfortably.

It can be directly given to babies or can be combined with formula or expressed breast milk. Gas drops are completely harmless, and no serious side effects are associated with them.

Gripe water Vs. Gas drops

If your baby is suffering from colic, and you see him/her crying for hours in pain, you will be ready to try almost anything that works. Well, parents who have experienced similar situations recommend using both gripe water and gas water. Ultimately, as a caregiver, it will be your choice to select one of the two.

A best practice will be to try both meds and see which one works best for your baby. After all, every med works differently for different babies. However, since both are safe for newborns, you can experiment using both.

Lastly, don’t rule out the possibility of experiencing any side effects. Some babies are allergic and sensitive to certain ingredients, and thus might react negatively. Keeping this in mind, it is always better to only trust well-known brands. Compared to others, brands that provide herbal products for babies are trustworthy.