Ten tips for choosing makeup according to your skin type

Knowing how to put makeup on according to the type of skin is essential to get right not only with the tone of our composition but also to see if we are using the correct one. Imagine that we have oily skin and use makeup that is not free of oil and other components. It can cause our skin to end up suffering the consequences. We recommend you to always go for cruelty-free makeup as a responsible user. Here we’ll show you how to choose your makeup according to skin type.


According to our skin tone, we can choose different makeup, as well as colors for eye shadows.


If you have white skin always choose light, pink and among them, the best is the base in nude color. As for the eye shadows, the best ones are also pink tones. If you want a change, try the blue ones or the green ones. For lips, nothing better than the soft and pink glow and to combine transparent, translucent powders.


If your skin is dark or brown, you will not need a base that is very clear and not one that has more color. It is better to opt for pink powders that add some blush to the cheeks and little else. As for the colors for the eyes, nothing better than golden or terracotta tones and lips, better in passion red.


There are dark-skinned women, but whose complexion looks golden. For this type of skin, it is best to choose a warm makeup tone such as toasted or beige. For the eyes, terracotta tones are a good option as well as gray. As for the lips, pink can be an excellent color to choose, as well as beige, or carmine red.


After talking about skin tones and composition, what better can we tell you now is really about the type of skin, that is, how will the texture of our skin be and how to get the right color in the makeup and the warmth of the product.


How to identify it?

Caress your face, and if you do not see that it is soft and also do not usually have rashes, pimples or red spots, it means that you have healthy skin. It is not the most typical so women who have this type of skin can be considered lucky.


The best makeup for your skin type will be … all! You can use any powder, although you must be careful in case you suddenly realize that some dry your skin.

As for the tones, we can say the same since any tone is worth it, but remember that you must first assess the color of the complexion of your face.


How to identify it?

Unfortunately, it is a prevalent skin type. The poor diet and excess makeup cause many women who end up having oily skin and usually have acne problems or the constant appearance of pimples. It often happens a lot in adolescence.

The best makeup:

Sometimes from something bad, we can get something good and in the case of oily skin, we can say that with it, your makeup will never look off. However, you must be careful because depending on the brand or composition you may end up suffering a severe problem of acne

Choose especially makeup that is “oil-free” and will not add more sebum to your face. We can also take full advantage of the pre-bases so that it will allow you to prevent your makeup from getting too bright.

Colors? Choose powders that are translucent and in muted tones so as not to make the skin shine too much, although you must consider, I repeat, the skin color


How to identify it?

Caress your face, and if you notice the tight skin is that you have dry skin. There is usually a lot during maturity, and it is also a type of skin in which eczema and dryness are suffered.

The best makeup:

Hydration is the key to this type of skin, so it is better to choose moisturizing makeup such as liquid bases, blushes or cream shadows, etc. In your case, the pre-bases help you soften the face and allow you to seal the moisture in the skin. If you use makeups that have moisturizing components by nature, such as green tea or glycerin, you will notice how the skin is no longer so dry.

As for the tones, choose those that bring some shine to the skin, so gold or terracotta tones will be a good option. Again, I tell you: look first at the tone of your skin.


The best makeup products for dry skin will depend on the base applied. It is the key so that the rest of the products work, but the skin does not suffer. For this reason, these bases are the best makeup products for dry skin that you can find in the market.


How to identify it?

If you notice tightness in the skin of the face, but at the same time, you suffer from acne is that you have a type of skin that unifies those mentioned above.

This type of skin usually appears during hormonal changes, especially in pregnant women, and is characterized by the famous “T zone” (shine on the forehead, nose, and chin).

The best makeup:

If you want to get it right, you should be careful with your makeup and look closely at the components to prevent the skin from drying out more than the bill or having more sebum. It is better that you choose hypo-allergenic cosmetics since they are not so aggressive with the face so that you will avoid irritations or pimples.

In this type of skin, color is not the big problem, so to know which one is best, take a guide that I have told you before about the kind of complexion tone. Here are some makeup tips for combination skin.


Usually, you do not know which shades of makeup to choose, but it turns out that among all the makeup, apart from the shades, there are the sub-tones. A beige skin type may tend to be pinker. But your skin also tends to have two shades, and this is due to a variety of sub-tones. Your skin may tend to be saltier, olive, bluish or pink. That is why choosing a makeup base that disappears on your face is essential.