Winnipeg Fitness Trainer Gabriel Patterson Discusses the Best Exercises For Losing Weight During Winter

As summer draws to an end and cold winter weather looms on the horizon, our fitness routines face new challenges. There are plenty of excellent cold-weather exercise options for keeping fit in winter. In this article, Gabriel Patterson discusses some top indoor activities that will provide fun ways to lose weight, build muscle, and improve your health even when the temperatures are below freezing and the snow is piled up.

Find Good Indoor Cardio Alternatives to Running

If you are into running but do not have a treadmill at home, you can develop some alternatives when the weather is too bad for going outside. Walking or running stairs is great for cardio, and especially so for those who live in buildings with several floors to maximize their workout. Jumping jacks, high knees, and burpees can get your heart rate up in a small space as well. There is not much out there for strong cardio work than simple jump rope exercises.

Set Up a Good Indoor Calisthenics Routine

Bodyweight calisthenics are an excellent way to burn calories and preserve muscle tone at home with very little equipment. Build up routines that you can do at home several times a week with a high degree of variety. Some well-known examples of indoor calisthenic exercises include push-ups, crunches, leg lifts, lunges, squats, and chair dips.


The key to maintaining a healthy routine when you are stuck indoors is to stay in motion. When you’re snowed in, anything activity that will get you off the couch and out from under the covers is a great solution. Whether you are by yourself or have some friends or roommates over, a fun way to get some exercise is to throw on some good music and dance. Since you are at home, there’s no need to worry about form or how you are dressed. Just move around and have a good time with some sounds you enjoy, and you will receive immediate benefits while having fun.

Find a Temporary Routine on YouTube

If you can’t get to your gym or your trainers, search for a routine of some type that you can do at home without equipment on YouTube. There are so many available that you need not worry about getting bored with repeating the same video twice. Again, the key here is finding something that will get you involved and moving along with some instructions. Remember that you aren’t looking for a permanent routine, just something that will get you in motion and exercising when the weather is too bad to get out for your regular routines.

About Gabriel Patterson

Gabriel Patterson is a Winnipeg native and certified fitness trainer and health coach who advocates a balanced and healthy lifestyle for his clients. Gabriel’s passion for an active and productive lifestyle has led him to his mission of supporting and educating his clients as they discover new health and fitness routines. He emphasizes a nutrient-dense diet for his clients as they recover from sports injuries or seek solid fitness foundations. As a lifelong athlete, Gabriel developed a deep interest in physiology and advanced training as a competitive swimmer. He has taken his experience as a personal trainer into the business world as the founder of Patterson Training. Contact Gabriel for information about his training programs and how he can help you reach your potential and push the limits of your personal fitness and health program.