What you must know about Tear Trough Filler

Tear Trough Filler is considered to be a pretty simple non-surgical treatment cosmetic procedure. In fact, this is a minimally invasive treatment that can address the aging, exhausted appearance. During the treatment, a special type of hyaluronic acid gel will be injected into the tear trough region. Then, the hyaluronic acid gel will work as a replacement to the volume you have already lost. As a result of the replacement of the lost volume, you will gain the young look back on your face. In addition to that, it can hydrate and soften the skin. Moreover, it gives a rejuvenated appearance on the skin. Eventually, you will experience a very young and replenished appearance.

In general, a tear trough filler treatment will last only for 30 minutes. However, if you intend to undergo other procedures as well, it will take longer. For instance, if you wish to have additional treatments such as a liquid eyelift or a liquid facelift procedure, it will take a longer duration and the healing time will be longer.

The effects of Tear Trough Fillers are very noticeable right after the treatment. However, the final and best results would be noticeable after 14 days. This is because the skin requires some time to relax and get back to the normal mode. Then, it will become smooth and rejuvenated. The fillers will gradually integrate with the surrounding tissue. The hydration balance on the skin after the treatment will be noticeable.

How painful it is?

As mentioned before, Tear Trough Fillers are minimally invasive. So, most of the patients find it to be a very easy and less daunting process. A numbing cream will be applied to the area prior to the injection and reduce the potential discomfort.

At the end of the treatment, the recovery process is pretty fast. You can notice the results immediately after the treatment. You can resume most of your regular activities right after the treatment. In fact, many of the patients even go back to their work on the same day. Nevertheless, don’t worry if you notice any slight bruising or swelling for a couple of days.