Relation of Libido And Prostate Cancer With Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men

Hormone therapy has now become a commonly used treatment. People undergo this therapy for many purposes.

Some for lessening the impact of andropause symptoms, while some undergo to increase their quality of life.

It has many benefits coupled with risks. Actually, it messes with the equilibrium of our body’s hormones causing them to increase. That’s why any unmonitored hormone therapy can be the direct cause of many lethal diseases.

A decrease in libido power is a common symptom of andropause. It is treated with hormone therapy or medicines in other cases.

Many quality hormone therapy for men Atlanta GA that help combat any problem related to it.

Relation of Libido Power

Libido power is the urge to have sex or it can be defined as “the intensity of sex drive”

Relation with Testosterone

  • Testosterone is a very necessary requirement for sperm production in men. It cooperates with other hormones released from the pituitary gland and aids in sperm production and helps in the expression of secondary sexual characters like sex drive, hair on body, etc.

Structural Formula Of Testosterone

  • Erectile function is also an important component of sexual performance. Higher testosterone levels help increase erectile function. It can be done by medicinal drugs but hormone therapy provides a full-fledged treatment.
  • Higher testosterone levels can decrease your body fat and lower tiredness. This leads to an effective sexual performance. Muscle quality also improves. But all this happens if a person has artificially low values of testosterone due to some disorder.
  • Low testosterone levels can induce depressive behaviors. It also leads to a lesser interest in sex and impacts sexual performance. Testosterone replacement therapy can help cure depression and boost your sexual performance in this way.

Prostate cancer

It is a much common type of cancer. It has a good chance of treatment if diagnosed earlier.


Its most common symptoms include:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Sharp weight loss
  • Frequent and trouble urination
  • Pain during urination
  • Presence of blood in urine and semen
  • Pain during ejaculation

It can also spread quickly and show the following symptoms

  • Pain in bones
  • Disturbed bowel movements
  • Swelling of body

Many studies have been conducted that prove the connection between testosterone and prostate cancer.

We have many practical examples which are the apparent causes of the belief that higher testosterone levels can cause cancer, like

  • Testosterone Therapy is a major relief for Prostate Cancer patients when it lowers the testosterone levels in the body. Lower Testosterone patients are less likely to have prostate cancer.
  • Studies reveal that Men who had TRT have a higher ratio of Prostate Cancer. It also contributes to the belief that higher testosterone levels cause prostate cancer.

Excessive testosterone levels or excessiveness of any hormone or chemical can cause serious medical issues by disrupting the equilibrium

Difference b/w normal and effected prostate gland.

Information Source: Bubolo Medical Center