Stretch Mark Tattoo

Stretch mark tattoo is a terminology used to define the skin’s tattoos that hide stretch marks beneath them. Most people get a tattoo for aesthetic purpose; however, some want to conceal their damaged or decolorized skin under it. Most stretch marks fade with time and become un-noticeable; however, some surgical stretch marks take years to fade away, and most people prefer to get stretch mark tattoos to cover them up.


It is entirely safe to get a tattoo to cover up your stretch marks. It is one of the quickest and easiest methods to hide those stretch marks.


It is a general observation that damaged skin is more likely to hurt more than undamaged skin when it comes to getting tattoos. The pain is more if the stretch marks are new, and it is less if you have significantly fewer stretch marks and they are old.

Expertise Required

Not all tattoo artists are experts at covering stretch marks; therefore, you need to get an appointment from an experienced tattoo artist who has previously worked with similar clients to ensure that you get good quality services.


It is hard to make a perfect tattoo on damaged skin. It requires expert tattoo artists that can judge designs that can hide the stretch marks entirely. All these prerequisites make stretch mark tattoos relatively expensive to get compared to those made on normal skin. The cost is also affected by the area and intensity of stretch marks.


If you have temporary stretch marks resulting from losing weight or pregnancy, you must wait until they fade away to get a tattoo. If stretch marks are relatively permanent, you must first seek a recommendation from your skincare expert before considering a stretch mark tattoo. Skincare expert will give you suggestions and precautions that you need to take before and after getting a stretch mark tattoo.