Does Diabetes Has Any Relation With Erectile Dysfunction?

Diabetes is one of the universal diseases and there are various factors that contribute to the growth of it at such a large scale. People with diabetes have to take care of their eating habits and have to maintain stable blood pressure and blood glucose level. Regular exercise is also required to keep the body healthy and suppress the symptoms of diabetes. But diabetes is not only a troublesome diseases in itself but it is also the root cause of development of some other bodily disorders like erectile dysfunction.

Some underlying medical conditions are related to erectile dysfunction and diabetes is one of them. Diabetes is often referred as a lifestyle disease but there are various studies which contradict the statement. Erectile dysfunction is caused by many factors such as underlying medical conditions, psychological factors and environmental factors.

If a person is suffering from erectile dysfunction it doesn’t mean it is because of diabetes. But as per researches done on the subject of “whether or not diabetes cause erectile dysfunction” the conclusion made is that around 35 to 75 percent men who has diabetes tend to experience some degree of erectile dysfunction in their lifetime.

It is also concluded that men who are diabetic are more likely to get erectile dysfunction than people who don’t have diabetes. So people who are diabetic tend to get erectile dysfunction as they age.

But why is it so that diabetes causes erectile dysfunction?

Well, several studies have found that a person suffering from diabetes can have impairment of blood vessels, nerves and muscle function. And if you sum up all the side effects of diabetes and compare it with the symptoms of erectile dysfunction we can conclude that the basic reason behind development of erectile dysfunction is hardening of arteries that supply blood to the penis at the time of sexual arousal. Weakening of pelvic muscles is also a big contributor in erectile dysfunction. The side effects of diabetes to the body are same as the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Men need complete erection and must ejaculate in order to enjoy healthy sex life but because diabetes tend to constrict the nerve and blood vessels the person experience erectile dysfunction even if he has normal amount of testosterone and steep desire to indulge in sexual activity.

What are the treatment available for erectile dysfunction in men with diabetes?

The best way to tackle erectile dysfunction in men with diabetes is by taking medication like generic Cialis or Viagra. This recreational drug belong to a group called phosphodiesterase- 5 and is known to relax muscles and increase the flow of blood into the chambers of penis. Thus Cialis generic or Viagra help the person achieve erection and maintain it for a long duration.

But because this recreational drug tend to affect the heartbeat it is not suitable for people who have heart related problems. So it is better to consult a doctor if a person suffering from erectile dysfunction has heart problem. Other treatments for erectile dysfunction in men suffering from diabetes are intraurethral therapy, venous constriction devices, vacuum erection, sex therapy, penile prostheses etc.