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Are You Suffering from Sleep-Related Issues?

Many Americans are suffering from lack of sleep issues as life has become too stressful these days. Lack of sleep can cause many serious problems not only on our mental state, but also our emotional well-being. Most of the sleep experts suggest that we must sleep for 7 to 9 each night. However, most people can hardly get sleep for more than 6 hours.

These days CBD is proving to be an effective solution to get a good sleep. You can get CBD gummies or CBD capsules UK from the JustCBDStore. It is one place where you can get a good quality of CBD products. CBD can also help in getting rid of your stress.

Another way of getting good sleep can be a yoga routine. If you can engage yourself before going to bed in certain specific yoga postures, then it can make a wonderful impact on your sleep pattern.

All that you need is a few simple bedtime yoga exercises. These gentle yoga postures will be combined with focus on your breath can help in calming your body, mind, and also your soul, and very soon you will get good sleep.


You can start your yoga routine with a perfect pose, which is the most ancient posture of yoga in a seated position that is traditionally done for meditation or pranayama that is yogic breathing exercises.

2.Janu sirasana

Now extend the right leg out keeping your left heel pressed into the groin and place your hands on the floor, and inhale deeply. While exhaling, fold over the right leg, and the left hand holding inside of the right foot. Repeat the same with the left leg.

3.Baddha konasana

Now bring both your heels together and on your exhale, bend forward and try to grab the toe of both feet with your hands. Hold this pose with deep breathing and releasing your breath.

4.Supta baddha konasana

Now lay back onto your yoga mat and you may place hands on the belly or your sides and then melt into a super relaxing pose. Try to bring your awareness by slowly inhaling and exhaling. Try to hold this position for a few minutes.


From your above position now slowly lift both your legs and place both your hands on the buttock to balance yourself. You will be resting on your shoulder and hold in this position for 10 – 15 count and breath normally.


Now from the above sarvangasana position now come to halasana by bringing both your legs behind your head so that your toes touch the floor. After positioning, focus on your breathing and count 10 to 15 slow with deep breaths.


Finally, come to your lie down on your back position. Keep your legs a few inches spaced out and relax your body. Close your eyes and feel as if you are dead however breathe normally.

Yoga coupled with CBD can offer a wonderful recipe to solve your sleeping issue without any adverse side effects and addictions that any traditional sleeping pills may produce.